Do you need to hang from the ceiling?

Great sex is about trying different positions, but do you need to hang from the ceiling? There are many interesting ways in which to come up with unusual sex positions, but you need to be able to come up with a comfortable way of getting into the position. Yoga is a great way to slide into different positions when it comes to sex. Karin from London escorts is not only an escort but she is a yoga teacher as well. She says that she has often used yoga to explore new positions, and told her colleagues at London escorts, to try the same trick.

I love yoga, says Karin and many of the poses can be translated into sex positions. Start of simply and get to know yoga, she says. When I teach yoga to London escorts, we always do Down Dog. This is a really great yoga pose but can be used as a sexual position as well. Some of the London escorts that I teach have tried it and says it is really good. The man simply stands behind the woman and holds on to her hips. In yoga it is a basic pose, and part of the sun salutations.

For those London escorts who have become more advanced I often recommend the Bridge. This is a lot more complicated, and you may not be able to hold the pose for long. You arch your back whilst keeping your hands and feet on the floor. The man stands in between your legs in this position. Most London escorts say that they have tried it with their boyfriends. Whilst it is a bit awkward, it is very enjoyable as well. It allows for penetration at a completely different angle, and most women say that it feels really good. Vital support is needed in this pose.

The Sphinx yoga pose is another pose I have recommended to London escorts and their partners. This is very easy, but you need to place a couple of yoga blocks under your partners hips. It allows for penetration from behind and you end up rocking against your partners bottom. Most of the London escorts who have tried says it is a very relaxing pose, and allows for deep penetration when performed correctly. It is important to use the yoga blocks or a firm pillow, otherwise you will not be able to pull off this position really well.

There are many different yoga positions that can be turned into sexual positions, says Karin. The more you look at the Kama Sutra, you can see that the ancient Indians were seriously into yoga. Some London escorts have really explored this ancient book and find many new and exciting positions, says Karin. There is no reason why the general public should not follow suit, and see what they can learn from the good book and yoga arts such as Kundalini. Not all types of yoga are about being stagnant and holding the same pose for a long time.

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