5 Sex Positions You’Ve Never Heard Of But Will Want To Try

If your sex life has become dull and boring, painfully routine, or even non-existent, it’s time to spice things up. Whether you’ve been with your partner for one year or twenty years, sex is a necessary ingredient to keep a relationship alive and filled with fire, passion, and longing. It brings couples closer together and relieves stress. So if you’re dreading sex with your partner or have simply lost the passion you once had, try these amazing new positions to bring back some excitement to your love life.

1. The Butter Churner

If deep penetration is what you like, then this wild sex position will give you the orgasm you’ve been waiting for your whole life. The woman lies on her back and then extends her legs up in the air. The man holds her legs over her head and enters her from the top. The thrusts should be gentle to avoid causing any pain to the upper body or neck.

2. The Crisscross Position

For this position, the woman again lies on her back. The man sits facing the woman with their legs crisscrossed to form the letter X. By holding the man’s hands, he can go even deeper. Hold on as long as you can until you reach orgasm.

3. The Pretzel

The man kneels over the woman as she lies on her side with one leg wrapped around his waist. The man holds this leg for support and enters her with his butt resting on her other leg. Use deep, urgent thrusts for this position and she’ll beg to never stop.

4. The Snow Angel

You don’t have to do this one in winter or outside, but try it you must, especially if you’re feeling naughty. Think of it as a backwards missionary position. The woman lies on her back and the man lies on top of the woman but facing the other way. Once he is inside, the woman can control the thrusts by grabbing the man’s butt, creating an amazing friction that will drive both partners wild.

5. The Standing Wheelbarrow

This one takes some balance and limberness but can be done quite well with a bit of practice. The man stands up and the woman and the woman leans over also from a standing position but facing away from the man. Her hands touch the floor while the man lifts her lower body up to his manhood. She wraps her legs around his waist and he enters her from behind. This position promises to take both partners to the moon once they get the hang of it.

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